International Sports Law

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Sports Law is an area of International Business Law.

Selected CAS-Cases and link to CV:

  • Football (League Licensing together with Insolvency issues; Termination of Employment Contracts – with or without just cause in relation to players and coaches), Transfer Agreements – Club v. Club, Club v. Association, Coach v. Association
  • Anti-Doping cases; Re-Test regarding Summer Olympic Games 2008
  • Athletics (IAAF)

Expert for Mountain Sports Law cases

Empfang Medaillengewinner Olympische Sommerspiele 2016
Deutsche Bundesliga Spiel
Skitourengeher über dem Nebelmeer

Skiing and Mountaineering Accidents – Civil and Criminal Liability

Sportschiedsgerichtsbarkeit – Vereinsgerichte

Arbitration – VIAC, CAS, ICC, Ad hoc

International Sports Arbitration