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Up until June 2019 Dr. Dominik Kocholl was a member of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS/TAS), the sport’s highest tribunal which is regularly named as the „Supreme Court of Sports“. According to the Swiss Federal Tribunal and the German BGH in the Pechstein case TAS/CAS is a genuine arbitral tribunal (echtes Schiedsgericht). After ending his term he is now allowed to represent parties before the CAS.

In addition he serves as an arbitrator at the German DIS-Sportschiedsgericht, where he is also listed as a member of the closed list for doping matters.


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CAS Code and Commentary

During the Olympic Games the Ad hoc Division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport decides cases in usually only up to 24 hours (Art 18 Ad hoc Rules) lasting fast track procedures. That’s fast!

Selected Cases and Link to the CV for the CAS website:

  • Football (League Licensing together with Insolvency issues; Termination of Employment Contracts – with or without just cause in relation to players and coaches), Transfer Agreements – Club v. Club, Club v. Association, Coach v. Association
  • Anti-Doping cases; Re-Test regarding Summer Olympic Games 2008
  • Athletics (IAAF)

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